Rosen for Assembly
Rosen for Assembly
Avrum Rosen, Democrat for New York Assembly's 12th District


Avrum Rosen

Democrat for

New York State Assembly

12th District

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I'm Running for Them

I have lived on Long Island my entire life and I have been a small business owner in Huntington since 1988. My wife Maureen and I have lived in Centerport since 2011. Prior to that, we lived in Cold Spring Harbor for 27 years. I'm running because I care about Long Island and I care what kind of a world my children and grandchildren will inherit.

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Our Fight:

At this critical point in our history, the very foundation of our democratic institutions is under attack from radical, far right forces. It is time to stand up and challenge these officials at every level. Here's where I stand.


The Issues

Gun Safety

I will fight for common sense gun safety laws and to protect our schools from gun violence.


I will fight to return more of our tax dollars back to Long Island and work on minimizing the tax impacts of the national Republicans' attack on New York.


I will fight to improve healthcare in this state on every level. I will take on Big Pharma's price fixing of life-saving medicines and work to bar advertising for prescription drugs.


I will provide real leadership in the fight to lessen the impact of the LIPA suit and to force the modernization of the LIPA plant, which is the most polluting oil-fired plant on the East coast.

Heartland Development

I will fight to protect the surrounding community of the proposed Heartland Development at Pilgrim State site. The current plans would increase traffic, pollute groundwater and hurt the economy. Office space in the area already has a vacancy rate of 20-30%. Adding more square footage without new anchor tenants in place, will only increase the overall vacancy rate.

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